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What if you took back control?

Your brand image is key to building customer loyalty, reassuring Internet users and standing out from the competition.

You can partly manage your online reputation with your own brand content, but it is much harder to control what your consumers post (User Generated Content or UGC). Users today can express themselves on many different channels, such as the Internet, social media, forums, etc. And the loudest tend to be the most dissatisfied!


Consumers place more value in freely shared negative experiences than any communication strategies you could put in place.

  • What is online reputation?

    Online reputation is the image you convey to Internet users. UGC (User Generated Content) is an influencing factor.


    Written customer reviews, consumer videos, or any other form of interaction you may have with your community, all impact your brand awareness, visibility and therefore reputation.

  • “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

    In this digital age, Warren Buffet’s words ring all the more true. Satisfied customers tend to share their experience less than dissatisfied ones.


    On average, a dissatisfied customer talks about their experience to a dozen people. So, encourage your satisfied customers to share their feedback, too! This will have a positive impact on your online reputation.

Online reputation: a challenge for brands

Building or optimizing your online reputation is a major challenge for communication and marketing professionals. Today, brands are expected to be authentic, transparent and to convey the right message.


Sometimes, you must rely on your peers, such as employees, customers or influencers (B2C, B2B, journalists or other industry experts). Collecting verified reviews, launching influencer marketing campaigns and giving your consumers a voice is therefore a strategic way to establish your online reputation.


Turnkey marketing tools in the form of a SaaS platform can help you meet these challenges more easily, in an agile manner:

Influencer Marketing

Our Influencer Marketing solution brings together influencers, consumers and brands around authentic experiences on social media and e-tailers’ product pages.

Ratings & Reviews

Discover the solution Ratings & Reviews Our Verified Reviews solution allows to collect, manage and leverage customer reviews to improve brands’ online reputation and conversion rates.

Consumer Videos

Discover the solution Consumer Videos Our consumer video platform enables brands to engage their communities through the creation of video content that is then posted on their product pages, social media and any other communication channels.

  • Improve your online reputation with the Voice of the Customer

    Today, power lies in the hands of the consumer. So why not leverage and highlight your customers’ positive experiences? Give customers a voice by collecting authentic reviews, to build trust and reassurance.

  • Boost your online reputation with consumer videos
    Today’s Internet users are always looking for greater authenticity. So, what more effective way to present your products than consumer videos? Video has a much greater impact than text or photos and reassures users!
  • Take care of your online reputation on social media

    Influencers can greatly contribute to a brand’s reputation and generate enthusiasm for a product or service, through engaging and authentic content. Integrating influencer marketing campaigns into your overall strategy can be highly beneficial, as long as you define your objectives and connect with the right influencers to reach your targets.


    of consumers have been inspired by an influencer when making a purchase



    In 2020, 80% of marketers invested in video to generate traffic, attract and convert leads



    of marketers plan to increase or maintain their investment in video in 2022



    a minimum score of 3.9/5 boosts a product’s sales


Improve your online reputation in 6 steps:

  • Respond to all reviews, whether negative or positive. It is important to reply to each review you collect and to publish your answers.
  • Encourage all your customers to talk about you. Without a customer review solution, only your detractors will speak out and influence your brand image and the trust you convey.
  • Don’t hide negative reviews, as they add credibility to your overall customer feedback.
  • Optimize your SEO to reassure Internet users. 94% of Internet users only view the first page of results on Google. It is therefore essential to appear in the first search results to reassure consumers and position yourself as an industry leader by generating high-quality content.
  • Identify influencer profiles that will positively promote your brand and help you achieve your goals.
  • Deploy your consumer videos (UGV) on as many channels as possible ! Product pages, Google Ads, social media, blogs, review platforms, etc. Share your customers’ voices as widely as possible to take control of your online reputation.

Our resources

Blog articles, case studies, e-books… We have plenty of resources to help you manage and improve your online reputation. So, reach for the stars!

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