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Brand image:
How to Boost Awareness

The emergence of social shopping, the growth of online and mobile sales, the increase of social media use, an ageing audience… E-commerce still has a bright future ahead!

But all these opportunities bring their own challenges, especially the need to constantly boost brand awareness. Indeed, marketing and communication professionals now face greater competition, whatever the industry.

  • Why is it important for brands to be loved?

    A positive brand image is key for growth, standing out from the competition, generating sales, retaining customers and attracting new ones.


    Offering products and/or services that appeal to consumers is no longer enough; you need to implement a well-honed strategy to a become a recognized love brand. These brands are able to build up a community that shares and appreciates their values and commitments.

  • Do you know what consumers think of your brand?

    Your brand image is the way that your customers, service providers, employees or Internet users perceive you.


    Your brand image evolves all year round due to your company’s history and positioning, your external and internal communications, as well as the quality of what you market. Experts today agree that brand image exists on several levels:


    • Desired brand image: what you want to convey
    • Perceived brand image: how your employees, customers, leads and suppliers see you
    • Actual brand image: somewhere between the desired and perceived image
    • “Potential” brand image: what you can achieve by working on your image and improving your brand awareness

3 essential marketing levers to build a strong brand image

In today’s digital era, there are lots of way for brands to acquire an authentic and meaningful image, that is adapted to their audience.


A single SaaS platform can help brands improve their image by collaborating with influencers, collecting post-purchase customer reviews or leveraging User Generated Content (such as product testing videos).
These technological solutions save time, boost performance and improve brand awareness, resulting in a more positive brand image!
We can offer three solutions in a turn-key SaaS platform, to help you improve your brand awareness and acquire a positive image:

Influencer Marketing

Our Influencer Marketing solution brings together influencers, consumers and brands around authentic experiences on social media and e-tailers’ product pages.

Ratings & Reviews

Discover the solution Ratings & Reviews Our Verified Reviews solution allows to collect, manage and leverage customer reviews to improve brands’ online reputation and conversion rates.

Consumer Videos

Discover the solution Consumer Videos Our consumer video platform enables brands to engage their communities through the creation of video content that is then posted on their product pages, social media and any other communication channels.

  • Reassure consumers with reviews

    Authentic customer and consumer reviews, as well as influencer recommendations, help reassure your audience and encourage them to purchase. This User Generated Content (UGC) is essential for all your communication media.

  • Improve your product awareness and demonstrate how to use them

    Add a human touch to your product pages and communications. Prove to consumers that your products can be an essential part of their everyday lives by giving your customers a voice.


    of consumers have been convinced to buy a product after watching a video

    Source: MomentFeed


    Micro-influencers on Instagram have an average engagement rate of 3.86% vs. 1.21% for mega-influencers

    Source : Statista


    of marketers think influencer marketing boosts

    Source : Forbes


    Sales increase by 24% when scores go from 3 to 4 stars

    Source: MomentFeed

Here are our recommendations to improve your image and increase brand awareness:

  • Carry out influencer marketing campaigns all year round
  • Choose micro and nano-influencers for your influencer marketing strategy
  • Use video for its engaging and conversational format
  • Define a customer-centric strategy: design your customer journeys and use feedback to reinvent them!
  • Boost your online reputation with customer reviews
  • When collecting feedback, alternate between product and brand reviews

Our resources

Blog articles, case studies, e-books…, we provide you with numerous contents that will allow you to increase your visibility.

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