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[Article] After two years of collaboration, Eram considers Advalo to be one of the pillars of its growth.

[Article] After two years of collaboration, Eram considers Advalo to be one of the pillars of its growth.

After two years of collaboration, Eram considers Advalo to be one of the pillars of its growth.

Founded in 1927, the French distribution group Eram has a global presence with its 9 ready-to-wear brands, spread over 900 points of sale and e-commerce sites. In 2018, the group entrusted Advalo with the deployment of its data-driven strategy for 3 of its brands (Eram, Gémo and Bocage). After 2 years of collaboration, the Eram brand is making a significant return on its investment by generating incremental sales on a sustainable basis. 

The actions set up with Advalo made it possible, initially, to measure the impact of digital on in-store sales, then identify the most revenue-generating marketing actions and finally strengthen the relationship with their customers by means of individualized marketing.


An omnichannel vision through the reconciliation of online and offline data

By reconciling offline CRM data and online data from navigation via the Advalo platform, Eram’s teams now have access to an omnichannel measurement of the company’s performance. 

This measurement, which takes into account both e-commerce and in-store transactions, indicates the real impact of the e-commerce site on transactions concluded in shops, an impact that is often underestimated by brands. 

By analyzing and understanding web-to-store journeys, the Eram teams have discovered that a third of their in-store shoppers prepare their purchases by visiting the company’s website and that they spend an average of 15 days preparing for this purchase. The Eram brand has now realized the importance of working with on-site intending buyers to generate traffic and in-store purchases.

Quadruple speaking capacity by opening up new points of contact with your customers on digital.

Through the platform’s native connections with various digital players (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.), Eram has been able to open new points of contact with its clients, particularly on social networks.  

An action that has enabled Eram to quadruple its ability to speak with its customers. The brand now uses new channels to talk to more customers without increasing pressure per individual.

” By reconciling hot and cold data, we are able to refine our targeting to best meet our customers’ expectations. This enables us to manage marketing pressure almost on a one-to-one basis and to establish a real relational plan,” adds François Aspe. 


Reduce acquisition costs by focusing on priority targets 

Eram has been able to identify the characteristics of the profiles of its best customers thanks to a refined segmentation carried out on the Advalo platform, in order to create a specific audience and finely optimise its acquisition costs. In the 12 months that Eram’s teams have been using the Advalo platform’s data-driven functionalities, the brand has seen a ROI that is about twice as high as that of traditional campaigns. Drawing on artificial intelligence, Eram is now able to optimise its budget by concentrating its investments on priority targets and has seen a 25% reduction in the cost per purchase

“The use of Advalo’s different models has enabled us to go further in our media and CRM campaigns. We have gained in reach, personalization capacity and automation, which allows us to generate profitable incremental turnover through facilitated processes. We are now able to cross our RF segmentation with different models in order to talk to our sales addict customers and our fashion addict customers at the same time with an appropriate discourse” says François Aspe, Brand and Digital City Centre Director of the Eram Group. 


About Advalo 

Advalo is an individualized marketing solution that uses artificial intelligence to enable brands to move from mass marketing to a personalized, more effective and consumer-friendly approach. Thanks to the algorithms offered by the platform, brands can identify the most value-generating campaigns according to their objectives and make the most of their customer, CRM and digital data. By addressing relevant messages to each of their targets, brands recreate a long-lasting and reinforced link with their customers.

With offices in Paris, Lille and Rennes, Advalo assists more than 40 specialist retail chains such as Leroy Merlin, But, Cyrillus, Cache-Cache, Devred, Degrenne and car brands and distributors such as Seat, Skoda, BodemerAuto.

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